Taking Action on Food Loss + Waste

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Provision Coalition – Canada’s leader in food and beverage manufacturing sustainability – have partnered to launch a new one year program – Taking Action on Food Loss + Waste – Public Trust Research and Food and Beverage Manufacturer Facility Reductions. This project is being funded as part of a grant provided by the Walmart Foundation.

NEW Food Loss + Waste Cost-Share Program for Canadian Food & Beverage Manufacturers – Join us March 5th to secure your spot for participation in the program.

2018 Program Activities –

  • engagement with 50 food and beverage manufacturers across Canada to initiate meaningful and measurable reductions in facility food loss and waste
  • manufacturer implementation of Provision’s Food Loss + Waste Toolkit 2.0 to identify and reduce food loss + waste in facility and engineering support for driving facility improvements
  • collection of manufacturer data to better understand food loss + waste challenges and opportunities
  • education and outreach with the whole food supply chain from farm to consumer on the impacts of food loss + waste and the tools available to support prevention and reductions
  • new Canadian public trust research with consumers on food loss and waste for release Fall 2018
  • connecting with Canadians to share Best Food Facts, latest food loss + waste prevention and reduction practices and information case studies

Canadian food and beverage manufacturers can register and receive 50-85% cost recovery depending on the number of employees at the facility (project value of $10,000) by contacting Provision Coalition

To learn more and to get involved connect with CCFI or Provision Coalition.