CCFI October 2016 Newsletter Executive Director Message

A Message from the Executive Director

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Ben Franklin

Last month I wrote about the soon to be introduced CCFI Online Engage program, a valuable tool and platform to help today’s food system earn consumer trust. That brings me to a much broader topic for this month. How does CCFI, its tools and platforms, align with your company’s 2017 goals and objectives?

CCFI is a leader in building consumer trust. We continue to bring transparency to today’s food system by bridging the gap with consumers and encouraging a more informed discussion about food. Our programs work to assure consumers that even though systems have changed, the commitment to responsible food production remains the same.

I could outline a dozen reasons why your company should participate in CCFI, but I will focus on three for now.

  • Research: What are consumers thinking and how do they make decisions? CCFI’s annual Consumer Trust Survey benchmarks attitudes about today’s food system, provides better understanding about the consumer decision-making process and provides valuable insights to more effectively earn trust. We survey U.S. consumers to measure and track attitudes on important food system issues. Each year’s results build on the previous year — culminating in a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the food system, and translating into new CCFI strategies to effectively engage, increase transparency and earn consumer trust.
  • Education and Training: CCFI offers a variety of educational opportunities from webinars to speaking engagements. With training that equips food system stakeholders to effectively interact with those who have questions or concerns, CCFI’s Engage training programs change the conversation you have with consumers. Educational seminars are tailored to meet the needs of CCFI members.
  • Networking: CCFI offers the chance to connect with others in your industry. You can learn from others in your industry and even create alliances or partnerships. I also believe that the most successful companies aren’t afraid to team up and network with competitors while participating in CCFI coalitions and projects. CCFI offers a bridge to communicate in a collaborative environment.

The argument that I hear most frequently from colleagues who don’t participate in CCFI is the cost. But when you consider the benefits and if you take full advantage of CCFI, I think you’ll find that CCFI is a great investment. If you want to discuss how your company can maximize CCFI programs in 2017 please contact J.J. Jones at (816) 556.3131 or by email at