If we just give them more information, they’ll come to our side. Right?

Not so fast.

Consumers are asking more questions than ever before about their food. The conversation today is less about “What’s for dinner?” and more about “Should I be feeding this to my family?” and “Can I trust that it was produced responsibly?”

Answering these ethical questions with facts won’t get you very far. Communicating with values will. That’s where Engage training comes in.

Since 2009, we’ve taken our Engage training to food and farm organizations and companies across the country to help them more effectively communicate with consumers and customers to build trust using the power of shared values. Our peer-reviewed and published research shows that connecting through values is three-to-five times more powerful in building trust than simply sharing facts.

The cornerstone of Engage is equipping participants with the tools to effectively communicate using shared values in “critical conversations” – those day-to-day conversations that present valuable opportunities to effectively connect and ultimately build trust.

We offer media, social media and presentation training as optional Engage modules, too.

Engage is highly customizable. We can tailor the training to your specific needs and audiences, and to busy schedules. Designed as an interactive day-long training program, we can incorporate Engage into an existing meeting or conduct a stand-alone training. 

Now, the US Center for Food Integrity offers Engage Online, a series of five self-paced online modules modeled after the Engage curriculum. The content is US information but all principles are applicable and relevant. Register here!