Food Quiz Invites Consumers to Discover Personality, Share Feedback

Do you know your “food personality?” Perhaps you’re a Natural Nutritionist and like to grow your own food and share your knowledge with friends. Or maybe you’re an Indifferent Indulger and believe immediate gratification trumps health.

The Food Personality Quiz now available on the CCFI Facebook page invites consumers to find out what the food they eat says about them. The quiz is an entertaining way to look at food choices. It also serves a serious purpose because once the quiz-taker learns their personality, they get this invitation to another survey:

“Now that you know what your food choices say about you, join us over at to tell us what you think about the food you eat and your thoughts on how it is produced.”

At Transparency Table, consumers are encouraged to provide additional feedback on food system transparency, such as how they seek out information on food safety. Open-ended questions like, “What do you want to know about the food you and your family eat?” and “What would you like food entities to be more transparent about?” give consumers an opportunity to express their views.

Results are being collected through Oct. 1. The comments will be combined with quantitative data from CCFI’s annual consumer research to develop transparency best practices for the food system.

The best practices, as well as survey findings, will be presented at the Food Integrity Summit: A Clear View of Food Transparency, Nov. 17-18 in New Orleans.

Visit the CCFI Facebook page and discover your food personality!