A message from the Executive Director

It’s here! The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s online learning platform – CCFI Online is here and its initial course is up and running. Many of you have participated in Engage trainings since CCFI rolled
out this values-based communications training a number of years ago. Now, whether you are looking to refresh your skills or take part in Engage for the first time, you can do it at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Why did CCFI partner with online-learning specialists at Vivayic to create this platform? Three simple reasons:

  1. To meet demand – Demand for Engage trainings has stretched CCFI staffs’ ability to meet the demand for in-person trainings. While the CCFI team has been able to fulfill all requests for Engage, we want to be proactive and ensure all who want to take part in Engage can.
  2. To further the use of values-based communication – While it sounds easy to lead food and agricultural conversations with shared values, it is much harder than many of us would think. Therefore, CCFI Online – Engage allows participants to learn and apply values-based communication principles at their own pace.
  3. To offer flexibility – Leaders in food and agriculture are busy. This new platform allows those who cannot attend an in-person training a way to access the power of Engage. Additionally, the online platform allows CCFI to customize curriculum for organizations with sector-specific examples and applications.

To harness the power of Engage, visit CCFI-Online.org.

If your organization is interested in a customized Engage learning module or purchasing multiple log-ins for your organization contact CCFI Director of Development, J.J. Jones, today at jj.jones@foodintegrity.org or (816) 556-3131.