A Message from the Executive Director

What’s at stake for the food system in a “post-truth” world?

The term was selected as the international word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries. Post-truth describes circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotion or personal beliefs.

As 2016 draws to a closer, there can be no doubt that attitudes and social norms have been transformed. Those of us involved in the food system have already felt the effect of these shifts. It can be discouraging because it appears that anyone can make a claim about food or a farming practice and it will be believed with little regard for the truth.

At the same time, CCFI has been observing another trend. Consumers are increasingly motivated to seek out the truth and determine whether or not the latest piece of “news” is true or not.

Best Food Facts was established in 2012 with this very goal: to provide objective, unbiased information to answer questions about food: how it’s grown, processed, served and enjoyed. The number of monthly visitors to Best Food Facts has steadily increased as it is recognized as a trusted voice. The site routinely ranks in the top of internet searches for common food questions. Day in and day out, we field questions from consumers about food allergies, GMOs, chemicals, nutrition and more.

Best Food Facts is reliable thanks to our network of more than 200 scientists and university experts. They share our vision of providing accurate information to consumers who need the facts to make the best food choices for themselves and their families.

We redesigned the site earlier this year to improve user experience, make it easier to find articles and to share content online. The heart of our mission continues to be delivering factual information in a format that is useful to consumers.

I am convinced this mission is more critical now that it has ever been. Support Best Food Facts by sharing some of the great content and by putting a widget on your web site inviting users to submit their questions.