Canadian Food Loss + Waste Cost-Share Program

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Provision Coalition – Canada’s leader in food and beverage manufacturing sustainability – have partnered to launch a new one year program – Taking Action on Food Loss + Waste – Public Trust Research and Food and Beverage Manufacturer Facility Reductions.  Canadian food manufacturers can sign up now!  This project is being funded as part of a grant provided by the Walmart Foundation.

Program Overview

On March 5th, 2018 the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Provision Coalition launched a new one-year program to tackle food loss + waste in Canadian manufacturing facilities and raise awareness of the issue – this event was attended by manufacturers and stakeholders across Canada in person and by live-stream.

Check out our launch event:

Sign Up Today!

Canadian food and beverage manufacturers should sign up now.  The cost share program is limited to the first 50 facilities.

To learn more and/or register for the program, click here.