About CCFI Public Trust Research

We all have opinions about food – how it’s produced, what’s in it, who’s producing it and how it impacts our health.  But how do we measure what consumers think, who is setting trends and shaping attitudes about food and how do we engage to earn trust?  The public trust research from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity tells us.

For nearly a decade, the US CFI has conducted annual consumer research to better understand what people are saying and doing.  CCFI’s past research tested the peer reviewed and published public trust model in Canada, and provides some unique North American perspective.

The research provides a valuable benchmark for Canada’s food system in the early days of embarking on new approaches and investments in building public trust.  Our survey also tracks consumer concerns and trending attitudes on topics ranging from food safety and animal welfare to attitudes about farming and trusted sources of information.

As our consumer trust model tells us, communicating our shared values is the foundation for earning trust. Values are all about the why. Understanding where influencers connect online, emerging trends, trusted sources, and channels they use to shape their beliefs and opinions about food and agriculture – information that provides the food system an opportunity to effectively engage with Canadians and balance the conversation.

The research summary provides a small snapshot of the in-depth findings and is meant to be shared.  Full research results, which include deeper insights, detailed audience segmentation, and trust-building engagement insights are provided to CCFI members only.

All findings in the Public Trust Research Summary are free for publicly sharing with credit to “Canadian Centre for Food Integrity Public Trust Research.”  Interested in presenting some findings?  Contact us for a few slides.

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