October 2016 Newsletter A Clear View of Transparency

A Clear View of Transparency … How can you use the research?
Like many in the food system, members and partners of The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) have noticed consumers’ expectation for greater transparency within the food system. Research by CCFI in 2013 defined what consumers mean when they say, “I want greater transparency.”

In 2015, CCFI answered the food system’s request to better understand what specific policies, practices, performances and verifications will meet consumers’ expectations. The 2015 research also provided a clear view of recommended best practices that ensure the food system is meeting consumer expectations.

Now, CCFI is answering food system leaders’ request to ensure their organization can not only understand CCFI’s consumer research about trust-building transparency but that organizations also can apply key learnings. Staff members, Roxi Beck and J.J. Jones, recently rolled out A Clear View of Transparency, an interactive one-half day session that:

  • Introduces the 7 Elements of Transparency – as defined by consumers;
  • Outlines the polices, practices, performances and the verification consumers are looking for about:
    • Impact of foods on health
    • Food safety
    • Animal well-being
    • Environmental impact
    • Labor and human rights
    • Business ethics;
  • Provides hands-on experience in how to utilize CCFI’s research to measure an individual organizations’ level of transparency against the expectations of consumers;
  • Develops a personalized, initial plan to increase participant organization’s transparency with one-on-one coaching from The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity.

To learn more about A Clear View of Transparency and to schedule your training, contact Laurie Weber (816) 556-3141 or Laurie.Weber@FoodIntegrity.org.