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There will be a registration fee of $100.00 to participate in this online working session. However, CCFI Members and all those registered for the 2023 Public Trust Summit will receive complimentary registration, by using a promo code provided to them in a separate email.

Growing Trust, Protecting Futures: Building your Public Trust Strategy
Wednesday September 27th @11:00am – 1:00pm EDT

Earning public trust is about doing the right thing, assurance, verification, and communicating these commitments. Join CCFI and Public Trustworks in this 120-minute online working session to develop a Public Trust Strategy for your organization or further craft your existing strategy.

Whether you require an agile 3-page stand-alone section in your existing corporate strategy or an in-depth stand-alone strategy, this session will provide the step-by-step best practice methodology. Using Public Trustworks’ templated workbook, this session will help your organization take a practical step towards being more strategic, proactive and successful in your public trust efforts.


Your Public Trust Strategy will be developed using a 5-module approach that includes:

1. Aligning your public trust communications goals with your organization’s corporate strategic goals.

2. Identifying your social currency boosters and detractors—your most contentious issues to tackle.

3. Profiling and prioritizing your target audiences in your efforts to gain and maintain trust in your organization.

4. Developing your most important key messages you want to communicate to your audiences around this topic.

5. Documenting execution initiatives and success metrics that will identify how to best reach your audiences and how to track your short- and long-term successes.