Canadian Food Focus is a national initiative that provides consumers and influencers with reliable information about Canadian food and farming. It has strategically built a large and growing following among non-farming Canadians in major urban centers like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver by focusing on their concerns and questions.

Its content covers a wide range of topics, including preparing Canadian food ingredients, the health aspects of food, what's in season, stories about the food system, and information about leading farm practices. It is committed to communicating with consumers using the best practices for storytelling, authenticity, transparency, and shared values, as outlined by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity.

Its strategic goals are to engage Canadians to build public trust in food and farming, cultivate food and farm influencers through education and outreach, and increase food literacy from fork-to-farm.

Canadian Food Focus is a place where Canadians can share their food and farming stories. Its website provides an opportunity to learn about how food is grown and raised, try new recipes, and find expert advice to help make confident food choices.

Canadian Food Focus is supported by Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan, a not-for-profit organization that represents farm families and food producers in our province. It also partners with Farm & Food Care Ontario, Farm & Food Care Prince Edward Island, and the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity to achieve its mission of promoting Canadian food and farming.