CCFI October 2016 Newsletter Coalition for Responsible Antibiotic Use

Coalitions support The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s mission

As you read last month, members and partners of The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity to form two coalitions to convene, empower and support food system leaders.

The Coalition for Responsible Antibiotic Use brings together farmers and ranchers; meat, poultry and egg processors; non-governmental organizations; retailers; restaurants and other food system stakeholders to explore the comparative risks of antibiotic resistance associated with animal agriculture. By utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, the Coalition will generate the industry’s first comparative risk analysis across multiple species.

The Coalition will evaluate species-specific antibiotic use and comparative risk analysis to provide stakeholders with research-based information to support informed science-based decision-making. Food system companies and other organizations can use this information to make decisions about antibiotics that are grounded in science and consistent with their values.

The Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture, a partnership of diverse stakeholders committed to building public trust in gene editing for agriculture and food production, earlier this month.

The Coalition will consider key steps to ensure the responsible use of the technology that earns consumer trust. The goals of the Coalition include developing stewardship guidelines, engaging stakeholders and involving a broad-base of those engaged in gene editing. These efforts will be guided by core values that address food safety, sustainability, environmental impact, animal well-being, transparency, science, economic viability, consumer trust and respectful collaboration.

To learn more about how your organization can support either coalition, contact J.J. Jones, (816) 556-3131 or